Who should study with us?



Do you have a burgeoning interest in wine? Perhaps you want to increase your confidence in talking to wine store staff or navigating restaurant wine lists. The Level 1 course will teach you the basics of how to taste wine, how to recognize the principal grape varieties, and how wine is made.


We want to help people get started in the business of wine and spirits. There is no better way to explore an interest and kick-start a new career than by earning an internationally recognized qualification through courses taught by industry leaders. A Level 2 certificate can make it easier for you to find a job in restaurants, wine stores, or winery tasting rooms.


If you are already working in the industry, but seeking advancement in your career, there is a qualification for you. Restaurant servers and bartenders seeking a higher level of wine knowledge in order to increase their sales will find the Level 2 course helpful. Winery hospitality staff who would like to advance to marketing or outside sales positions, or distributor sales representatives who would like to better communicate about their products will also benefit from the knowledge gained through the Level 2 certificate.


You are already passionate about wine. You enjoy collecting, tasting, and sharing wine with others. Why not learn to be a better taster, to communicate more clearly about the structure of a wine, and dig deeper into regions of the world you may not yet have discovered? We offer focused seminar-style classes on growing regions, grape varieties, blind tasting skills, and more.


Perhaps you simply love learning. Or you want to meet new people with whom you have a shared interest. At all levels of study, our courses are highly informative, with zero pretense, and a desire to simply have fun. We offer classes about a wide range of wine regions, comparative classes based on grape varieties, wine tours, and much more. With our on-site vineyard, you can learn first-hand about the intricacies of grape growing. You can also spend some time in the winery itself, where the technical terms you’ve learned become reality as we demonstrate the art of crafting fine wine, both still and sparkling. We provide education through seeing, smelling, and tasting, all while forging new friendships.


Course Offerings