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Spurrier the aftermath – it was a resounding success Spurrier enjoyed it, we enjoyed it and so did the other 90 people who came. It is a rare event indeed when you can actually, really enjoy the wine and food pairings – Chapeau to Chef Joel Walding and his crew he upped their game to meet the subtleties of the fantastic wine line-up.

Keep tuned Tracy and Andrew will be posting detailed notes – Andrew on the background of Steven Spurrier’s wine choices and Tracy will be sharing her wine tasting notes on each that she made on the night of the event.

February 15th - The Wine Academy submitted a grant to the Virginia Wine Board for funding wine education for winery staff in the Virginia wine industry.

February 22nd - Virginia Vineyards Association – at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville on Thursday afternoon Andrew will be discussing the two wines - Petit Verdot and Petit Manseng that Veritas won gold in 2017 that qualified for the Governor’s Case.

February 27th - Governor’s Cup Gala – Veritas wins four gold medals – Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Vintner’s Reserve and Petit Verdot and yes for the second year in a row Petit Verdot wins a spot in the Governor’s Case that contains the top twelve highest scoring wines in the competition.

Coming soon - Chris Parker hosting a wine evening at the British Embassy - May 2018.

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