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Hands (and wine) across the ocean.....

Early February, out of the blue, I received an interesting email. It read,

“I was given your address as someone who might be able to help me. My father, Bryan Adlum, is celebrating his 90th birthday in a couple of months, and as part of the celebrations I would love to be able to present him with a couple of bottles of John Adlum Chardonnay from the Virginia Wineries”. Signed - Jackie Adlum

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MS vs MW, or “From Somm to Dip”

How do you choose the right wine education pathway? I’m not sure that there is a “typical” entry into the wine business, but my experience was at least somewhat haphazard. When I graduated from college, my intent was to go on to medical school. But I had a passion for wine that I wanted to take an opportunity to kindle.

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Updated: The Proof is in the Training

After my rant yesterday (see below) that incidentally was not posted on Harper’s comments section, I decided to write a PC comment about the article. Here is what I just posted: "This is a very interesting study and a hugely important boost for both the WSET and the premium Spirits industry. Although the study involves only thirty people and is of relatively short duration it provides convincing preliminary data that I am sure will justify more rigorous study not only in Spirits but also in the Premium wine market."

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