Climate Change, Miguel Torres, and Inspiration

During the mid-1980s my interest in the art and science of wines was growing. I attended as many trade fairs as possible to learn more about wines of the world. It was driven by my love of fine Bordeaux wines, but having a beer budget back then, I could not afford to enjoy them that often! I thought there must be other wines in the world that are also complex, elegant, concentrated, well balanced that expressed the region in which they were made, and that I can afford to buy on a more regular basis. That search resulted in my first business venture in the world of wine, distributing wines from the Rioja and Penedes regions of Spain, and the first high quality Sauvignon Blanc wines exported from New Zealand.

At one of the wine fairs I attended in Bristol, UK, I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Torres who, after I had told him of my plans, encouraged me to pursue my dream. Miguel Torres had just taken over as CEO of the Torres Estates from his father and had many ideas for the family business. I was fortunate to meet him as he took over the reins of what is now a global business. He invited me to visit the Torres Estates and other winemakers in the region. It was an inspiring trip that filled me with excitement for the future, and I formed my first wine company with a friend who was as equally willing to take a leap!

On Friday September 27th 2019 Miguel Torres called for action on climate change, and committed to his ongoing investment in sustainable business practices, which reminded me of my meeting with him in Bristol 30+ years ago. The wine industry is taking a leadership position to combat the risks and destruction that is being caused by climate change. Miguel Torres is a leading light in this vital work.

Miguel Torres calls for action on climate change

Chris ParkerComment